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Liquor License Inspections

Liquor License Inspections



Liquor License Restrictions and Special Regulations

Liquor License Restrictions and Special Regulations



Burned Automobile Interview Requirements



Ambulance License

An Ambulance license is required for any specially designed and equipped motor vehicle operated for the purpose of transporting and offering life support services to patients.



Crane Operator License

A new Crane Ordinance, passed by the Chicago City Council in November 2013, will be fully effective March 1, 2016.



Bicycle Messenger License

A Bicycle Messenger Service License is required for companies that operate bicycle messenger services in the City of Chicago Central Business District. The license is issued at the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection office located at 2350 W. Ogden Avenue, First Floor.




ABC's of BACP - Learn about the Dept. of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, the various industries we regulate, consumer protection services we provide, licenses we issue, and MORE!



Horse Drawn Carriages

A Horse Drawn Carriage License is required for carriages or any device where a person is or may be transported or drawn upon the public way, designed to be or capable of being driven by a horse.



Tobacco Regulations

BACP licenses the sale of tobacco products in Chicago. The rules for tobacco dealing in Chicago are in attached pages for your convenience.



Public Chauffeur Information

Information pertaining to public chauffeurs in Chicago.


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