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Building Code Organization



When is a Building Permit NOT Required?

For a limited range of minor repairs to existing buildings, a building permit is not required by the City of Chicago.



Overview of Chicago’s Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Rental Property Ordinance (PTFRPO)

In response to the effect of the mortgage foreclosure crisis on renters, the City of Chicago enacted the Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Rental Property Ordinance, commonly known as the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance (KCRO).



Sewer Permits

A sewer permit is required for the construction, repair, adjustment, rodding or cleaning of any subsurface structure designed to collect or transport storm and/or sanitary waste water, either in private property or in the public way.



Geotech-OUC Reviews

The OUC and Geotech Reviews, analyze projects that are performing excavation near to or on the Public Right of Way, to ensure that the proposed work does not damage the utilities that are near project work site. These reviews are performed by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Buildings.


(Online Service) Vacant Property

Vacant Property

Vacant Property List


(Online Service) Permit-Related Building Inspections

Permit-Related Building Inspections

All permit-related inspections must be requested using the online form.



Roof-Top Water Tank

Roof top water tanks are regulated by the Department of Buildings.



Standard Plan Review Permit Program

The Standard Plan Review Permit Program is the main permitting process for building permit applications which require architectural plans.



Crane Operator License

A new Crane Ordinance, passed by the Chicago City Council in November 2013, will be fully effective March 1, 2016.


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