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License Application Requirements Information

Information resource for standard business license application requirements.



Classes of Liquor Licenses

Classes of Liquor Licenses



Maxwell Street Market New Alternate Vendor Information and Requirements

Sign-up to join the continuing tradition of offering Chicago immigrants and locals an outdoor market space to sell odds and ends, household goods, clothing, CDs, jewelry, produce, and much more.



Sewer Construction and Stormwater Management Requirements

In 2009, the Department of Water Management completed a city-wide computer model of its large auxiliary sewers 42-inches in diameter and larger and combined sewer outfalls. This dynamic flow model represents the best available information on the hydrologic and hydraulic characteristics of the City's sewer system.



Mobile Food Truck Licenses

Mayor Emanuel introduced an ordinance passed by the City Council to expand mobile food vehicle operations in neighborhoods across Chicago.



Retail Tobacco Dealer Requirements

Find information on Retail Tobacco Dealer. “Retail Tobacco dealer” means any person selling, offering for sale, exposing for sale or keeping with the intention of selling or exchanging at retail, tobacco products or tobacco accessories in the City of Chicago.



Understand Health Code Requirements for Food Establishments

The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) is committed to protect the public's health by conducting science-based inspections of all food establishments.



Wholesale Tobacco Dealer Requirements

“Wholesale Tobacco dealer” means any person making, manufacturing or jobbing cigars, or selling, offering for sale, exposing for sale, or keeping with the intention of selling or exchanging or delivering at wholesale, any tobacco, snuff, cigars, cigarettes or cigarette papers, including leaf tobacco or any preparations containing tobacco.



Mechanical Parking Lifts-requirements for submitting an application

The requirements for submitting an application for Mechanical Parking Lifts


(Online Service) Business Licenses

Business Licenses

Apply for your Business License


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