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The City of Chicago attempts to enlist everyone as public health allies, and nurtures many partnerships with hospitals, clinics, individual physicians, government agencies, elected officials and other community-based health providers and advocates.

Your support of public health is important. There are many things you can do to make Chicago healthier. Be a public health advocate by volunteering your time and talents or joining an advisory board. Discuss public health issues at your church, workplace or block club meeting. Contact your elected officials, from your ward office all the way to Washington, and enlist their support.

Most Recent News (Health Professionals)

Mar 31,2016 Mayor Emanuel Launches Citywide Task Force To Reduce Homelessness Citywide
Jul 24,2015 Mayor Emanuel Announces 311 Enhancements To Boost Services For Veterans
Apr 15,2014 Mayor Emmanuel Announces Record Drop in Chicago Youth Smoking Rates
Oct 11,2013 Board of Health Agenda for October 16, 2013
Jan 08,2013 Protect Yourself This Flu Season

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