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Shared Housing Company: Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary or Short Term Residential Rental Advertising Platform



Contesting Tickets by Mail (Parking, Red Light and Automated Speed Enforcement)

As a registered owner of a vehicle, you have the right to contest the issuance of a parking, red light and automated speed enforcement ticket. You have seven (7) days from the date of issuance to contest a ticket.



Taxi Inspection Pilot Program



Landfill, Liquid Waste Facility, and/or Transfer Station Permit

Information about who should apply for a Landfill, Liquid Waste Facility, and/or Transfer Station Permit and application forms can be found here.



Former Carnotite Reduction Company

The ‘Former Carnotite Reduction Company’: Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) has issued 2FM a Radioactive Materials License for the possession and storage of radioactive material located on City property and in the public right-of-way associated with the Former Carnotite Reduction Company.



Tips for Avoiding Parking Tickets

Information to help you avoid parking tickets.



Required Contract Documents




Chicabs offers safe and secure options to hail and/or pay for a Chicago taxicab ride.



IS and IT Policies



City Lots for City Living

City Lots for City Living helps home builders to purchase vacant city-owned property for affordable housing activities.


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