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Contesting Tickets by Mail (Parking, Red Light and Automated Speed Enforcement)

As a registered owner of a vehicle, you have the right to contest the issuance of a parking, red light and automated speed enforcement ticket. You have seven (7) days from the date of issuance to contest a ticket.



Immigration Assistance Laws

If you are seeking immigration assistance, here are some things you should know about your rights as a consumer.



Former Carnotite Reduction Company

The ‘Former Carnotite Reduction Company’: Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) has issued 2FM a Radioactive Materials License for the possession and storage of radioactive material located on City property and in the public right-of-way associated with the Former Carnotite Reduction Company.



Tips for Avoiding Parking Tickets

Information to help you avoid parking tickets.



Landfill, Liquid Waste Facility, and/or Transfer Station Permit

Information about who should apply for a Landfill, Liquid Waste Facility, and/or Transfer Station Permit and application forms can be found here.



Required Contract Documents




Chicabs offers safe and secure options to hail and/or pay for a Chicago taxicab ride.



City Lots for City Living

City Lots for City Living helps home builders to purchase vacant city-owned property for affordable housing activities.



Chicago Energy Benchmarking Instructions & Guidance Materials



Committee on Standards and Tests

This committee of building industry technical professional and City staff meets once a month to review the suitability of new systems and methods of construction, new types of equipment, or new combinations of materials not currently permitted or recognized by the Code.


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