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Enterprise Zone Incentives

Enterprise Zone Referral List

Enterprise Zone Program

For more information contact Essie Banks at 312.744.7076.

To help local companies expand and create employment opportunities for Chicago residents.

Qualifications and Restrictions
Companies and projects must comply with federal, state and local program requirements. Contact the department of Planning and Development  to determine eligibility 312.744.4190.

To apply for the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, property owners must complete and return the EZ Sales Tax Exemption Certification Application. The application should be filled out after the owner has confirmed their property is in an Enterprise Zone.

      Incentives include:

  • Sales Tax Exemption
  • Property Tax Reduction
  • Finance Assistance
  • Real Estate Tax Exemption
  • Investment Tax Credit
  • State Jobs Creation Credit
  • Machinery & Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
  • Utility Tax Exemption.
      Enterprise Zone maps:

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Illinois Enterprise Zone Act

Enterprise Zone Referral List