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Visit the Small Business Center for information on licenses, permits, and additional resources.

Visit the Small Business Center website, for information on licenses, permits, and additional resources.

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New Businesses in Chicago

The City provides support by connecting you with financial and start-up resources both online and in person by offering business guides and other information about the laws you need to comply with. Online web tools to walk you through starting a business in Chicago and connect you with the appropriate agencies along the way.

The City is here to walk you through the process of starting a business by helping you determine what licenses or permits you need, connecting you with business resources and help you navigate through City departments.

Alerts (New Businesses)

Severe Alert Jul 1, 2015 New Minimum Wage Ordinance Begins July 1, 2015

Most Recent News (New Businesses)

Nov 15,2015 2015 Tax Debt Relief Program
Sep 18,2015 City of Chicago Hosts 4th ‘Small Business Center on the Road’ Expo
Sep 01,2015 City of Chicago Offers First Workshop on Buidling Your Business By Blogging
Aug 25,2015 City of Chicago Launches New Workshop Series Focused On Startups
Jun 30,2015 Amusement Tax Ruling 5 Effective 7-1-2015

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