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Visit the Small Business Center for information on licenses, permits, and additional resources.

Visit the Small Business Center website, for information on licenses, permits, and additional resources.

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New Businesses in Chicago

The City provides support by connecting you with financial and start-up resources both online and in person by offering business guides and other information about the laws you need to comply with. Online web tools to walk you through starting a business in Chicago and connect you with the appropriate agencies along the way.

The City is here to walk you through the process of starting a business by helping you determine what licenses or permits you need, connecting you with business resources and help you navigate through City departments.

Alerts (New Businesses)

Severe Alert Jan 15, 2015 Looking for a Small Business Loan – The City of Chicago Can Help
Severe Alert Jan 14, 2015 New Third Party/Expediter Database Helps Businesses Research and Report Violations by Expediters, Attorneys, and Other Third Party Processors
Severe Alert Oct 24, 2014 Know Your Local Business Development Centers
High Alert Jan 12, 2015 Site Selector – A Free Tool to Help Your Find Your Next Business Location

Most Recent News (New Businesses)

Feb 05,2015 City of Chicago Launching ‘A Comprehensive Guide To Starting A Restaurant’ Workshop Series On Friday
Feb 05,2015 City of Chicago's Small Business Center Presenting Final ‘How To Obtain A Sidewalk Cafe Permit’ Workshop On Feb. 6
Jan 28,2015 City of Chicago Small Business Center Hosts ‘Chicago Restaurant Week Kick Off Expo’
Dec 30,2014 City of Chicago Partners With Intuit Quickbooks to Offer Free Quickbooks Online Subscriptions at its Workshops
Dec 04,2014 City of Chicago Provided 2500 Entrepreneurs Free Business Workshops

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